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NASA's Digital Learning Network
USDLA Award Nomination Page

This is a nomination for the 21st Century Distance Learning Award on behalf of the NASA Digital Learning Network™. The DLN includes educational videoconferencing studios and produces synchronous distance opportunities at all ten NASA field centers. This submission highlights efforts of our entire team and includes an overview of the DLN, a summary of how we meet the qualification criteria for the 21st Century Distance Learning Award, and the DLN’s programs. To read the complete proposal, please click on "Download Proposal" above or click here.

The NASA Digital Learning Network™ provides videoconference programming to students, educators, museums, and others partners. Synchronous programming for the DLN is presented from all ten NASA centers where a dedicated DLN studio, Education Specialist(s) and a variety of STEM‐based modules are shared among team members. In its effort to maintain current research best practices, the DLN has participated in multiple research opportunities from multiple university settings. Their results have shaped the landscape of the DLN thats is today.

DLN Programming Includes:

  • DLN Interactive Classroom Lessons- These lessons typically are the length of a class period and are aligned with National Education Standards. Each lesson can be customized so that it specifically meets the needs of the classroom.
  • DLN Live- These events include a DLN specialist or a NASA subject matter expert presenting on a special topic related to current events. DLN Live events often involve and interview(s), demonstrations, and live questions from the audience.
  • DLN Virtual Visit- The DLN specialist connects a subject matter expert with the classroom. The expert will talk about their career and the experiences they have had working in their field. These events are a closed interactive video conference with a classroom, and it can also be live streamed.
  • DLN Virtual Field Trip- A DLN specialist or NASA expert gives a virtual tour of a lab or other point of interest on a NASA center. These events are live streamed and the audience can participate by submitting questions through email or social media.

NASA’s Digital Learning Network is operated under contract with Paragon-TEC in Cleveland, OH. The DLN has its own website that is populated by the team with current events from each of the four offerings of its services extending its reach through a list serve that reaches a million educators. We also engage the use of a variety of social media platforms to promote communication with our customers to promote our activities as well as engage the audience during the events.

Thank you for considering NASA’s Digital Learning Network for the 2017 Best Practices in Distance Learning Programming (videoconferencing) Award.






-NASA Interactive Classroom

-NASA DLN Virtual Visit Example (YouTube)

-NASA DLN Live Example (You Tube)

-NASA Virtual Field Trip Example (U-Stream)




  • Again, thank you so much for all that you do. I have about 25 kids that will be looking to NASA for a future career now because of you! Thank you for inspiring and educating the children in a way that we, as teachers, can't; providing the absolute definition of a real-world (and outer world) connection. - Coyote Springs Elementary, Prescott Valley, AZ
  • Thank you so much for today. My students really enjoyed this incredible learning opportunity and they talked about it all day! - Lincoln Elementary, Cedar Fall, IA.
  • Oh, that is very cool!!!! Side note—My classes LOVE talking to you –I always preface our first session with, “Mr. Storm knows EVERYTHING!!” Thanks so much for your time and talent. Have a great day! - Chesapeake, VA
  • I cannot begin to express the amount of gratitude for your time and collaboration yesterday. The reaction was priceless when we told the students that they would be communicating with NASA! The content was right on target, and your scaffolding could not have been any more effective for our learners! - Plano, TX
  • Thank you so much for the Solar System presentation yesterday! Having done this activity before, we did many suggested prerequisite activities, including this hall display showing relative sizes and distances (sort of). I am just so proud of these little ones and wanted to share one of their accomplishments in this unit. - Laramie, Wyoming
  • We wanted to extend our thanks for a fantastic lesson yesterday! We are so happy that our special needs students could participate and be a part of this amazing learning opportunity.
    You were terrific!! - Asbury Park, NJ




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